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MEMAR group is an architectural and design practices located in several middle east cities Dubai, Ryiad, Damascus & Beirut. Our office has experience in residential and private works as well as community and public works on diver project scales MEMAR has a philosophy depends on many aspects such as:

- Building productive long-term relations with clients and their projects, as we believe that the client is the expert of his project demands.

- Developing creative solutions and translate them into the state of buildings.

- Enjoying our work, families and friends.

MEMAR‘s long-term goals are intended to define and guide the process of our performance in the architectural and design fields. We are committed to the continued development of our qualities with respect to design, technology, and sustainability. Honesty in dealing with others is the skeleton key of our office. We strive for an integrated design solution for each project that seamlessly unites architecture, interiors, and furnishings through unified design intent.

MEMAR is committed to achieving the owner’s goals, in a way that suits the environment and in a process of understanding the demands of the market.

The architects of MEMAR’s office personnel comprises of design architects and interior designers. Our team contains young architects as we believe in the revolution of the young minds which makes us see the future of architecture through their creativity and imagination. The internal organizational core of the practice revolves around open communication that allows the team to explore and discover new ideas and concepts for each project.MEMAR’s tries to elevate the process of planning and design to the highest level. This process of openness and communication enables the team’s experiences, sensitivities and expertise to be developed into the knowledge platforms. The architectural

the process from concept to completion of construction is performed by a consistent and committed group of people.

MEMAR believes that architecture is personal and also focuses on demolishing the boundaries between architects and clients in order to present simple, elegant and true architecture. This insight serves as a decision-making tool for the Owner and the architect for the planning of a

location. MEMAR’s working strategies are constantly being developed by exploring innovative production methods, material research and by raising awareness of current global demands of architecture.MEMAR try to involve in the tiniest details in order to define the relationships between objects and space


MEMAR in ten years will not only be an architecture practice, but a milestone of many community services that involve architecture and other fields .

This practice aims to benefit the community through its future branches in other cities and locations. MEAMR will never stop growing in all the fields.


At MEMAR our mission is to become a leading architectural firm in creative design solutions that resolve our clients’ social, environmental & economic needs.

We earn our clients confidence through innovative design and sound business decisions that are grounded in collaboration and experience.

We bring dynamic design teams together to develop exceptional projects for our clients.

Our attention to detail is foundational to the successful completion of our projects.

Our unparalleled respectful, knowledgeable and honest service is the prime reason our clients choose to continually do business with us We would like to stress at this point that We are committed to bring your vision to life and to elicit an enthusiastic emotive response.

Our passion for architecture and thorough understanding of details, materials, textures, functional requirements and lighting leads us to create the most precise, elegant, and opportune designs